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Meet the team

Hi there,

when I say meet the team, I mean meet me, Michelle. Just little old me doing the mixing, the sprinkling, the photography, the website building, the designing, the marketing, the baking, the packing and the posting. So probably like you , I am obsessed with sprinkles, everything shiny and sparkly to make my treats looks extra gorgeous, I just love them all.

I am actually a mental health nurse of 12 years and took a break from my career to start a baking business, that didn't go to well due to world events and I was about to give it all up when I decided to start a sprinkle business, I had thought about it for a while but decided to give it a go and haven't looked back since.

So where did the name dollidimples come from ? when I was a little girl this was a name given to me by my favourite uncle, well he actually called me dolly dimple, I had dimples and was, and still am quite ditsy (are we still allowed to use that term in the crazy world of PC) anyway there you have it. 

I started in April 2021 and since then have mastered building a website, (this is a work in progress) using a printer, navigating click and drop and postal services, finding out what a harmonisation code and an EORI number is, there is so much more to sprinkles than the blingy balls of sugar you put on your treats, don't even get me started on compiling ingredients lists. We are all winging it in life right ?

I have so much planned for 2022 as well as more beautiful sprinkle mix's coming all the time, I also love teaching, it was my favourite aspect of being a nurse, teaching the students. In the future I plan to add tutorials to the website and maybe even a you tube channel, I will also be having a professional  branding makeover (instead of the canva logo)  so watch this space. 

Happy sprinkling


Love Michelle.